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The most exceedingly terrible crackdown by any one-man lead in present day history turned into a identification of shame of the military administration of President Marcos. Marcos did not take any risks. He requested the conclusion of all daily papers, radio and TV offices and kept those newsmen who were unsympathetic to the Marcos organization. The crackdown was led as though the broad communications were belligerents in a full-vowed war which the rescuer of the Republic, Marcos, won with his splendid generalship of the military foundation. there was no protection at all to the endeavors of the Constabulary troopers to lock any media office. The organization of troops, in this manner, to complete the assignment of fixing the daily paper,…show more content…
Prior to the inconvenience of military law, there were no laws or pronouncements managing the task of the press. The Constitution ensured that "no law should be passed abbreviating the opportunity of the press." No administration permit or allow was required to distribute a daily paper. He was only responsible under the laws of criticism and subversion. In any case, he proved unable be captured without a warrant. At the point when Marcos forced military law, he didn't think the media was a field to be welcomed with grins. He played it safe. He would have none of the beams of his "grinning military law" sparkle upon the…show more content…
To save his own neck, Marcos needed to keep up a quality of dependability. He needed to stay aware of his sham omniscience. All things considered, he realized that press control, or some other control besides, scarcely ever worked. His own particular involvement with the Import Control Law, which he drafted in Congress when he was as yet a congressman, revealed to him that it would work just to encourage the ravenous mouth of

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