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A few Interesting Facts about the Arctic Ocean One of the five major oceans of the world, the Arctic is a continent surrounded by oceans. Located in Northern hemisphere, it is almost entirely covered by North America and Eurasia, and some parts of Russia, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada and the United States. Having located at the Arctic Circle, almost entire year, the ocean is partially covered with ice and during the winter it is completely covered with ice. Although it does look poor for vegetation, it has become a home for many creatures and even the man has explored this region for centuries now. There are a few facts that might interest most of us to know about the Arctic Ocean. The article runs briefly runs you through them. • Surrounding…show more content…
And, Polar bears and Arctic Foxes live and hunt for their prey in the Arctic Ocean. • The range of species include 4 whale species including bowhead whale, gray whale, narwhal, and beluga whale and 6 seal species including the bearded seal, ribbon seal, ringed seal, spotted seal, harp seal and the hooded seal. • Even with freezing cold temperatures, it has become a home for the mankind, who have adapted themselves to its harshest weather conditions of our planet, by their various indigenous means. • Due to the tilt of the Earth’s Axis in this region, there will be an entire day of darkness during the winter and an entire day of brightness during the summer. • Whenever the ice of Arctic Ocean melts, there is always a release of nutrients and organisms into the water, thus giving scope for the growth of algae. The Algae feed zooplankton that serves as a food for the sea life. • The ice of the Arctic Ocean constitutes 10 percent of the world’s fresh water. • The huge white frozen reservoir reflects sunlight, thus helping the region remain cool. It also a plays a significant role in keeping the entire globe’s temperature stable. • It is believed that at least 25% of the unexplored petroleum to be located in the Arctic

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