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For my first argument, I’m going to talk about the fact that I believe that love is love no matter what gender it has to do with. In the article I read online, called “Read These Lips” by Frank Bruni, he states about how marriage itself isn’t just simply the dividing line between equality and inequality. According to him, “a kiss is nothing. . . and yet a kiss is everything” (Bruni). He says “maybe marriage isn’t the dividing line between equality and inequality, between getting full, reflexive acceptance from the world and getting a piecemeal, willed respect” (Bruni). He talks about how he thinks that the border of equality and inequality is “traced with kisses” (Bruni). He has came to the conclusion that if no one reacts to when two of the same sex people kiss each…show more content…
Homophobia isn’t a real phobia. If someone truly does “fear” gay people, then they can just easily not associate themselves with them. For example, people who are scared of elevators don’t go on them if necessary; they walk right past them as if they aren’t even there or bothering them. If people can walk past something that they’re so afraid of and not be bothered by it, then the real question is why can’t people walk past anyone who is gay in general without giving them unnecessary dirty looks or attention? Kissing one another in public or not even in public just a sign of love, bliss, and happiness whether the two people involved are straight or gay. Gay couples should be allowed to walk on the streets or go into a restaurant and simply give each other a peck kiss while expressing their feelings without hate, judgement, or dirty looks. Everyone in the world has a purpose, and it’s a very disappointing thing to hear that people who are not heterosexual sometimes view themselves to be living in this world without one. In fact, both of my Grandmothers are gay. They got married to each other in a state where it was legal, and are now happier than ever. “We are happy just as any straight couple would

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