Epilogue To The Giver

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Journey to Elsewhere Jonas felt certain that somewhere in the darkness that lay ahead, people were awaiting his arrival. Yet, he saw nothing. He heard nothing. He felt nothing except for the cold, piercing wind against his exposed skin. However, somehow he felt that Elsewhere was close, but he had very little confidence that he would reach it. His hope diminished further with every sharp blow of the icy wind that blurred the path ahead of him. Gabriel trembled from the cold, his torn and ragged blanket doing little to preserve his body heat. Jonas finally stopped the bike, and lifted Gabe from his seat. As he opened his tunic, holding the young one to his chest, he realized sadly how cold and feeble he had become. Jonas stood in the…show more content…
With one small motion they were sent barreling down the snowy hill. The harsh wind hit his face, but he felt unaffected. In the distance, he saw lights. As he neared his destination, houses formed from the darkness. He heard voices, but his attention was drawn by a different sound. It was so beautiful and melodious, that only one thing could take his undivided attention away. There were trees. They were strange trees, with small, colorful lights strung about them. They would make it now. They had to. He heard joyful voices, and a grin formed on his face that stretched from ear to ear. He recalled this from a memory that The Giver, whom he missed dearly, had given him. It was a holiday. Jonas slowed to a stop. He was completely overwhelmed. He no longer felt cold, but warm, and his stomach had a wonderful fluttering feeling. He looked around at all of the houses that he and Gabe were hurriedly approaching. He saw families through the windows, all of them together and happy. Jonas suddenly halted. He thought he had seen a familiar face through a window. He shook his head. Surely it was not who he suspected. Yet Jonas watched with wide eyes as a door

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