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The Gods of Gilgamesh The Gods occupied a crucial role in the lives of humans throughout The Epic of Gilgamesh. They are portrayed as powerful beings showing many signs of manipulation in the daily events of mere mortals. The humans worshipped and admired many of the Gods. Gilgamesh being both god and man, aspired to be great, just like the Gods and seek eternal life. Regardless of the power that the Gods possessed, they still had flaws and feelings that affected their being. The epic conveyed that even though the Gods shared the same imperfections as humans, they remained powerful enough to control happenings in the human’s world. Not unlike Gods from other epics written during this time, the Gods in this text did not hesitate to interfere in events taking place in the humans’ everyday lives. When complaints were made about Gilgamesh mistreating his people, Aruru,…show more content…
Aruru created Enkidu to be the equivalent of Gilgamesh and bring the people of Uruk tranquility from Gilgamesh’s tyranny. This occurrence is only one of the many examples of the Gods playing an epic role in this text. Not only did the Gods express their superiority throughout The Epic of Gilgamesh, it is shown just how human they are as well. Each God had their own individual personality, mood, and difficulties. They experienced feelings of frustration and rejection. When the goddess Ishtar confessed her love to Gilgamesh, he disrespectfully declined and insulted Ishtar. As a result, Ishtar lashed out and wanted revenge for Gilgamesh’s wrong doings. “Well then, Father, pretty please, the Bull of Heaven, So I can kill Gilgamesh on his home ground. If you don’t give me the Bull of Heaven, … I’ll raise up the dead to devour the living. The dead shall outnumber the living!” (64, I:

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