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American Apparel has had several negative publicities that can affect product awareness and accessibility. American Apparel, Inc. is a “vertically integrated manufacturer, distributor and retailer of branded fashions basic apparel and accessories for women, men, children and babies,” (American Apparel Inc.). The company has had tremendous success selling its products and remaining American-made and sweatshop free. However, the company’s ideal concept took a turning point when the mendacities and reputation formulated into bad publicity that lead to a negative outcome. American Apparel’s controversies, financial struggles, and dismissal of founder Dov Charney has caused the company negative publicity that produced a negative outcome. On January…show more content…
Therefore, American Apparel decided to fire Charney to rebuild American Apparel’s reputation. Paula Schneider, who has been a fashion industry executive for a long time, will become the new CEO of American Apparel (Li). Schneider was described in American Apparel’s press release as “an experienced executive with an extensive track record in design, merchandising, sales, manufacturing, finance, licensing, and human resources” (Cohen, "American Apparel appoints a woman CEO and, yes, she's got all her clothes on)”). Through the public eye this was a very strategic plan to hire a female CEO and is a good public relations move, especially since Charney conducted several inappropriate sexual assaults toward female employees. Schneider said, “I am very, very excited to be part of something that is such a big influences on pop culture and helps so many Americans.” She later explained, “There are a lot of jobs and a lot of people, and we want to keep that going” (Li). Allan Mayer, the co-chairman of American Apparel speaks very highly of Schneider and says she, “has the skills and background to lead the company to long-term success”(Li). Schneider states,"My goal is to make AA a better company, while staying true to its core values of quality and creativity

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