Punishment Vs Incarceration Essay

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The United States correctional system punishes offenders thru incarceration, parole, probation, death penalty, fines and any other means deemed necessary. The purpose of these types of punishments, are to deter criminals from repeated offenses. Incarceration is the most common form of punishment and is the most effective at protecting society. Parole is the release of a prisoner, before their court mandated sentence is served, and is based on conditions which the parolee must meet in order not to return to a correctional facility to carry out the remainder of their sentence. Some conditions may include fines, drug and alcohol testing, and maintaining a job and home. Probation is a suspension of serving time in a correctional facility, and usually carries similar conditions as parole. Violations of either parole or probation may result in placement in a correctional facility to carry out the original sentence.…show more content…
There are three levels of security; low, medium, and maximum. Low level security is for prisoners who display good behavior. Medium security offenders tend to be about half way done with their prison sentences. Maximum security offenders have shown repeated behavioral or suicidal tendencies. (Pavis, R. (December 2002). Preparing federal prison inmates for employment after release. An innovation at the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 53(4), p.146-149.Federal Bureau of Prisons. (n.d.). Education vocational & job training. Our correctional system rehabilitates offenders through vocational training, counseling, drug rehabilitation, and education. Through these forms of education, prisoners begin to prepare for reintegration into the world outside of prison. Prisoner rehabilitation has a high rate of success and helps prevent re-offenses by preparing prisoners in a variety of

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