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If someone were to define the word epic hero, they would probably say it is a person who flies all around the city saving an ordinary human being’s life, but if you were to ask me, my version of an epic hero, it would be different. My description of an epic hero is an animal or person, but in this case it’s a human being that provides a light of hope to make a difference in the world to rescue and care from dangerous events in life such as, disasters, obstacles and challenges. Heroes portray amongst the people courage, bravery, strength, nobility, and honor. They are thought to be given such attributes of a God or Goddess, especially in the ancient cultures. Nowadays, the characteristics of heroes are based on not only deity, but the value and spirit of an ordinary person. Traits that this epoch and the ancient times share are courage, bravery, loyalty, and the eagerness to aid others. A specific change from the present and past heroes would be that they are not supported by a supernatural human intervention, anyone can be a hero. For instance, heroes today don’t need to put aside their objects to aid them such as, an armor to prove their heroism, they can use help.…show more content…
It is normal and alright to use any kind of aid, it wouldn’t change the respect and honor they gained. For example, “He began to remove his iron breast-mail, took off the helmet and handed his attendant the patterned sword, a smith’s masterpiece, ordering to keep the equipment guarded.”(671-674) depicts one of the traits that confirm that past and present heroes show strength and courage when encountering a dangerous event, but also a specific trait this quote portrays is the difference of ancient cultures, they gave up their aid in contrary with the 21st

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