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The Effect of pH on the Performance of The Enzyme Tyrosinase Taelor Faulkner Madelyn Edwards, Sarahi Figueroa, & Chelsea Payan BIOL 1333 - 003, Shannon Beston March 2, 2015 The enzyme tyrosinase plays an essential role in food crops. This enzyme catalyzes tyrosine and eventually converts it to dopachrome (Bora de Oliveira et al. 2014). Tyrosinase is also accountable for melanin, a substance that provides color to eyes, hair, skin, and the browning of fruits and vegetables, and shielding the skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation (Bora de Oliveira et al. 2014). The experiment we conducted allowed us to evaluate the effect of pH of 3 on the enzymatic reaction of tyrosinase. The pH analyzes how acidic or basic a substance…show more content…
To investigate, three different cuvettes, each with a volume of 3.1 mL, was used to compare the possible differences. One cuvette was labeled as the experimental group while the other two were labeled as the control group, one being the positive control and the other being the negative control. The experimental cuvette contained 2 mL of DOPA, 0.1 mL of the enzyme, and 1 mL of the pH of 3. The positive control contained 2 mL of DOPA, 0.1 mL of the enzyme, and 3 mL of diH2O. The negative control contained 0.1 mL of the enzyme and 3 mL of diH2O. One at a time, each cuvette was placed in the spectrophotometer, which was set at an absorbance of 475 nm, for a 5 minute period. During the 5 minutes, there were 30-second intervals where the absorbance of the cuvette was measured and…show more content…
According to our results, our hypothesis was supported. The enzyme in the experimental group, which contained the variable pH of 3, altered the color of the enzyme and the activity of tyrosinase according to the absorbance we recorded from the spectrophotometer. Therefore, our hypothesis could allow us to understand that some environmental factors, including pH, can possibly affect the activity of enzymes, which could also affect plants and crops. As people, this means that we should view all types of possible factors that could prevent or advance the development of food

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