Rikki Tavi: Differences Between Book And Movie

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Rikki Tikki Tavi is a thrilling novel (then made into a movie on January 9th, in 1975) by Rudyard Kipling. Both the book and movie intrigued me and exposed me to the life of mongoose. Although the movie is named after the book written by Rudyard Kipling, it seemed that the connection between them was insufficient. When a cinematic production is made based off of a book, they should be precisely the same. Major similarities and some minor differences were noticeable between both book and film. In my opinion, the book and film were different on the range of over intensified scenes, theme, and the cut of some small and overlooked events. Events that intertwined from text to the movie was the dialogue, the layout of the story and it's somewhat identical plot, and the characters.…show more content…
When I imagined these episodes of fighting and Rikki biting the neck of these snakes, I didn't exactly perceive these booming drums in the background. When Rikki jumped on Nag in the bathroom when he was poised in his vase, I envisioned a quick bite to the neck or a "snap," therefor breaking the spine. This is another difference placed between movie and text. Another scene that was formed in my mind was the death of Karait when the Big Man shot him. Rikki bit Karait and paralyzed him while the Big Man beat him and put him to certain death. The family was very pleased that the Big Man had put Karait to certain death, and Rikki was rather satisfied with himself for fighting and paralyzing

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