Memoirs Of A Geisha Literary Devices Essay

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Memoirs of a Geisha Literary Devices In this novel, metaphors are one of the most notable devices used. The metaphors seem to dive into the meaning of life. The novel was written with long sentences and used direct speech which allowed the novel to flow more steadily. Arthur Golden used elegant language which made up for the novel’s flaws. Flaws, such as, over narrating Sayuri. The readers would fall in love just like the “stone must fall toward the Earth” (Memoirs of a Geisha pg 428). Characters would constantly say that Sayuri had “a great deal of water in her personality” (Memoirs of a Geisha pg 125) , which signified that she was impatient and could overcome any obstacle in her way. With the rich use of imagery, I was able to put myself in every scene that the characters were in. The imagery created an amazing atmosphere by using every single one of our senses. Showing how it felt to be “two…show more content…
It is Awels’ belief that Golden portrays the hardship of not having the ability to decide one’s fate. This novel according to Awel shows the journey of how a female must travel to the “top of the food chain” (Awel). According to Kate Covintree, “Sayuri is merely a character who will travel through Golden’s tale” (Critical Essay of Memoirs of Geisha). Covintree also believes that Sayuri’s story is a imitation of Cinderella. Both filled with wicked families and a childhood filed with tragedy. It’s simply a planned story that descends into a life of happiness which greatly depends on a complicated love triangle. I found that Memoirs of a Geisha can be criticized in both Feminist and Marxist Criticism Theory. Since Geisha are seen as a work of art many women were very dependent on men to support their luxurious lifestyles. A handful of men see Geishas as individuals who gave their entire live to pleasure and serve dunk

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