Emotion And Reason In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Whenever someone makes a decision they must first decide whether they will follow their emotions or think through their actions before acting. This struggle plays a huge part in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” The title of the college “Head vs. Heart” is appropriate because in modern times people say that the struggle between emotion and reason is what the heart wants versus what the head wants. The choices that are made by the characters in the play are attributed to the struggle between whether they should follow their heads or their hearts. These decisions would lead to a tragic ending which makes emotion versus reason the most prominent theme in the play. The first quote in the collage is from act one scene two and it shows that Horatio uses reason to access situations. This quote is taken from when Hamlet is requested to duel Laertes and Horatio says it is a bad idea. The comment also relates to Horatio’s abilities because it shows that Horatio pays attention to what is going on and feels that something is wrong with the fight. This is something Horatio does throughout the whole play to try to keep Hamlet out of trouble and reassure the audience when needed.…show more content…
It is an emotional response because Hamlet is furious about his father's death and wants revenge. This is shown in the images beside the brownie. Later on in the play Hamlet’s emotions change, and he is confused and scared about killing Claudius. This change is represented by the change in background colour from red to grey. The new feelings are represented but the comment and the pictures beneath it. Throughout the play Hamlet is constantly battling between what he knows he should do, kill Claudius, and his fear of doing it. Which ultimately ends with him not killing him when given his best chance then killing him when worst came to
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