Descriptive Experience In Football

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I was a goalkeeper when I was in my younger years. The very first game for me was a very thrilling one. I practice a lot for it. We train from 6 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. Our very exhaustive and intensive training program includes stretching, warm up, running, passing, dribbling, a fifteen minute break, and game simulation. Those who are not part of the simulation will run again until 3 or until they finished their program. We run, whether it is raining or we are in the direct heat of the sun for almost one month of the exhaustive and intensive training. Every day after training all I want to do is to eat and rest. Thankfully! After a month of exhaustive and intensive training The day we are waiting to come came. It's our first…show more content…
The opponent's team came after about fifteen minutes and they start warming up. I saw the boy they are calling number 10, He is the best striker in our division, strongly build and looks very professional. The game will soon start and all of the players were ready to do the opening ritual of handshake. After the ritual I move to my goal post and wait for the whistle while my heart was running like a cheetah hunting for its prey. Beep! The referee blew the whistle and it's the start of a twenty five minutes first half. The start was very fast paced and I was wondering if I can do my job correctly. The player wearing the number 10 is moving towards the defense line. He crossed the defense line like a bee flying around, very fast and easy. He is moving towards me now, my heart is pounding very fast. He is now in the penalty box and none of my teammates can do anything to stop him otherwise it will become worst. It's now between him and I a newbie goalie versus the best striker. He takes his shoots and I see the ball. The ball is moving slowly towards me and I am standing firm and get my balance to launch my diving save! I dive and I stretch my arms from my shoulders to the very tip of my fingers. I can almost reach it! But it's too late, the ball goes to behind the net. The first goal was recorded thirteen minutes after the starting whistle. I see them celebrate while I was…show more content…
The second half starts and we are all set to attack again. The striker passes the ball to the middle fielder and back to the forward using the Tiki taka. They pass great, but when number 11 passes it loosely the defending opponent manage to steal the ball and they were now in the counter attack. I shout to alert my defense line and to pressure the ball holder. The ball holder has a very good touch control and dribbling control. He is now inside entering the thirty yard box and one of defender slides in for a chance to get the ball but what he got instead was a foul. Free kick awarded to them. We are in a very dangerous position now. Between me and the defense wall the ball was positioned. The free kick taker gets ready and shoot the ball. The defense wall jump to deflect the ball in the mid air but they failed. It is now my chance to get the ball and start our own counter attack! I bend my knees, aim for the ball while it is approaching me then when I think I can get it, I jump with full force and reach it with my hands. I feel it in my hand and then I fell to the ground and I stand up to kick the ball. The ball goes to the one third of the field. One of the middle fielders gets it and pass it to the best positioned striker. The strikes dribble the ball pass and pass the opponent's defense line it is now one on one he takes the shot and Kaboom! The opponent's goal keeper miraculously swipe. The ball out of the goal line. It's a corner kick for us, but there are only

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