Effects Of Deforestation

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Deforestation Introduction Deforestation is commonly defined as the permanent destruction, clearance, and removal of forests to make the land able to be converted for other purposes. Forests play a big role to maintain the land ecosystem as it has a vast coverage at around 31% of the land area on planet Earth. Forests around the world, no matter any type, are rich with biodiversity. Some of the greatest concentrations of species are found in the tropics. However, tropical rainforests are being cleared at an alarming rate to make room for and support a burgeoning human population. The rate of deforestation is simply horrendous, where there is a loss of 18.7 million acres (18,700,000 acres) of forests every year, which has equivalence to twenty…show more content…
What will become of the psychedelic rock gecko and other newly discovered species if such activities continue unchecked? Not only that, they are known as the ‘factory’ of synthesising important oxygen gas (O2) that is a vital respiratory gas required by all living organisms to undergo respiration, which maintains the continuity of life of all living organisms across the globe. They also provide shelter, for both human and wildlife. Forests also play a major role by acting as a carbon sink to neutralize the effects of global climate change. A carbon sink is capable of ‘soaking’ carbon dioxide (CO2), which is one of the greenhouse gases, which prevents the carbon dioxide gas from being able to be free in the atmosphere. When deforestation happens and forests are being cleared, the carbon dioxide gas which is free in the atmosphere will contribute to continuous changes and alterations…show more content…
• As time passes, perhaps a few years later, when the nourishment and the nutrient in the soil is depleted as they are supplied to the crops, the soil becomes less nourishing. Besides, there will be growth of weeds again. • At this point of time, the farmers will abandon the land. • Then, the farmers proceed to a new patch of land and start the process all over again. • The farmers will just abandon the former land without doing any measures of rehabilitation or the reconstruction of the forest in order to regain to its original condition. • Such practices are usually practised by Indonesian farmers, although being strongly opposed by the ASEAN community. Urbanization and residential areas • The human population keeps increasing exponentially over the years, thanks to the advanced development of science and also medical science, which prolongs the lifespan of the human race and also slow down the rate of mortality. • However, this also indicates that the land area available will not be able to accommodate the booming human population. • Thus, in order to create enough space and shelter for humans, forests lands had to be cleared to build residential

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