Ee Engineering: The Process Of Technology In EE Engineering

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THE PROCESSING OF FUTURE Signal processing is one of the main subjects of EE engineering. Humans utilize a number of technologic gadgets which uses signal processing on day to day experiences. The signal processing units inside these gadgets can evaluate the data which are exposed from the outside. Also, right after the acquiring data, these units can manipulate them and give useful outputs. The signal processing is the resemble of the human brain functions. The technology enhances our capability to communicate and process the information’s. The core of the signal processing is creating efficient algorithms that manipulates signals and converts them to usable information’s. The signals which the signal…show more content…
The image processing is the field that execute operations on images to acquire improved images or to take out valuable data from it. These field has inputs such as a lot of forms of images and has outputs such as images and data which correlated with images. (Anbarjafari) The image processing has two main methods. The analogue processing which manipulates hardcopies such as photos and the digital processing which manipulates digital images on computers. The data science field uses algorithms and tools to extract information’s from huge condensed data in various forms. “Data Science is the combination of statistics, mathematics, programming, problem-solving, capturing data in ingenious ways, the ability to look at things differently, and the activity of cleansing, preparing, and aligning the data”. (Monappa) The communication field is a very general topic that includes human to human, human to machine as well as machine to machine communication. Using the signal processing algorithms, one can create huge networks for communication purposes by manipulating digital signals. Humans can design systems to create effective communication gadgets such as satellite, radio, wireless systems by using signal processing tools. The audio and speech processing area is designing converters for analogue sound…show more content…
The usage area of this topic is very huge, that even all the other subtopics utilize the tools of machine learning frequently. Humans producing various type of machines which have ability to learn information’s and use them after to create outputs. The studies about machine learning have its root in mid-1950’s. The foundation of back propagation algorithm at 1980’s is fastened the studies. One of the main studies in this topic is creating algorithms resembling the human brain learning functions. The human brain is a good example for learning processes. However, humans cannot easily understand the functionality of the brain because of its very complex structure. But humans try a number of systems to understand brain structure such as reverse engineering. (Hawkins 35) And to apply the findings about brain, humans take advantage of artificial intelligence concepts. The roots of machine learning are the neural networks which resembles human’s neocortex. Human’s neocortex is composed of huge number of neuron. All of human’s brain functions depends on neurons. “Your experience of the world around you recognizing a friend’s face, enjoying a piece of music, holding a bar of soap in your hand is the result of input from your eyes, ears, and other sensory organs traveling to your neocortex and causing groups of neurons to fire”. (Hawkins 37) Right after the birth, human’s

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