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Edward James Olmos is a well-known director and actor in America. He was born in Los Angeles on February 27, 1949. Although he is famous and rich now, he was raised in a poor family. his father, Pedro Olmos was a welder from Mexico. His mother, Eleanor, was a mail carrier from America. They met in Mexico when his mom went there for travel. When Edward was still young, his dream was to become a baseball player. He once won the championship of the teen’s baseball game. Later, he married a woman called Kaiji Keel and had a child, but unfortunately they ended their marriage after 20 years. After two years, he married an actress called Lorraine Bracco. Edward James Olmos originally took classes to help his singing skills. However, he did not take singing classes, but acting classes. The main reason Olmos joined acting classes was to make his performances better. He attended…show more content…
In the movie, Edward James Olmos is a teacher called Jaime Escalante who teaches at James A. Garfield High School. Jaime Escalante helped his student boosting their grades and led his students work hard on passing AP Calculus. In the movie, Edward James Olmos expressed his own way of a teacher’s love for students. Even though he was only acting this character, but he really puts himself into the movie. I found his the reason Edward James Olmos started acting interesting. I honestly would not imagine switching careers due to a class I took. But, it seems like he enjoys acting more than singing though. Maybe this change was good for him. Edward is a lovely person, he adopted three children, and raised them. He is great actor, he starts with acting those low presence guys in the movie, to acting the main character which led him to receive wide attention. He had acted in some really good movies; Stand and Deliver and Miami Mice was really

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