Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward

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“Looking Backward” is a book created by Edward Bellamy and exemplifies the transgressions that Bellamy perceived in the social and economic systems of the 19th century. Based on the summary below, there were a plethora of features that were different than the 19th century. Three features of the new society that were different than the 19th century would be the public capital rather than private capital, there were no more crimes, and marriage was revolved around love instead of wealth. The story began with a man named Julian West who was born in the 19th century. He was a part of the rich group and was about to marry another aristocrat named Edith Bartlett. Julian was confirmed with insomnia, so he slept inside an underground chamber to prevent outside noise from stirring him awake. He enlisted Doctor Pillsbury, a mesmerist, who never failed to put Julian to sleep. After Pillsbury left, Julian’s house was set on fire and destroyed almost…show more content…
Doctor Leete explained that crime transpired because of “the resulted from the inequality in the possessions of individuals… [and] the desire for money.” (p.130). He further explained in the same page that when the nation became the trustee of wealth and employment, it abolished any traces of committing crimes for material gain. Furthermore, because college-level education was received for free, crimes unrelated to material gain were also nigh non-existent. Typically in a court of law, “If he is a criminal he needs no defense, for he pleads guilty in most instances…When he makes a false plea and is clearly proved guilty, his penalty is doubled. Falsehood is, however, so despised among us that few offenders would lie to save themselves.” (p.131). Due to the fact that every citizen was granted equal pay, well-educated, and had the mindset that lying was unethical, there were essentially no crimes in the utopian

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