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Edenbrooke Edenbrooke is a fiction novel written by Julianne Donaldson with an essence of romance and comedy and was published by Shadow Mountain Publishing on March 27th, 2012. Edenbrooke won two Whitney Awards in 2012 as the best romance novel and best debut novel (Book review: Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson). Julianne Donaldson was born in San Antonio, Texas and was a daughter of an Air Force fighter pilot. Julianne’s family moved many times all over the world. While she was living in Germany near a 500-year-old castle, she was inspired by the culture and history of Europe so she wrote a story based on her favorite time period, the Victorian Age (About Julianne Donaldson). It is a story about a girl named Marianne Daventry who was sent…show more content…
Another admirable trait about Marianne, is that she does what has to be done. During her journey to Edenbrooke, she is thrust into a dangerous situation, but she keeps her head, and does what she has to. (Review: Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson - Quinn's Book Nook) Philip Wyndham is portrayed in the book by the author as an “odious flirt” who breaks more hearts than he can count. However, Philip is truly a handsome and extraordinary man who is exhausted by all the young ladies trying to take him as their husband and claim his rich fortune. Marianne’s character learns that being an elegant young lady is not what was destined for her, and Philip’s learns that Marianne is just what he has been looking for in a wife. This teaches the basic lesson of not caring what is right in society (Review: Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson - Quinn's Book…show more content…
For most of the 19th century, England was controlled by Queen Victoria, which is why it is called the Victorian Era. It is also during this time that England’s Industrial Revolution took place (study.com). There were three social classes in England at this point. Philip Wyndham was part of the landed gentry, or wealthy land holders who gained their status through family lineages. People part of the landed gentry held balls, assemblies, and other parties in their estates as a way to get out in society. Marianne was part of the middle class where labor is how they were paid. This was for governesses, engineers, and lawyers (study.com). Edenbrooke is for all audiences. Anyone who wants to read a book and thoroughly enjoy the humor and romance, should read Edenbrooke. It is very important to read this book to understand the style and culture during the Victorian Era. The way the characters talk, act, dance, and go about their lives gives a small taste of England and society at this time. The lesson that everyone who reads it can take from this book is to not love someone for their wealth but love them for who they are

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