Ecstasy: A Short Story

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"Ah, I see you have awoken." Turning my head either way, I saw with disdain large titanium bars detained me from clawing his face off with my stubby nails. I wondered with interest if I had fulgurkinisis so I could zap the Dr. With a lightning bolt like the Greek god. To my dismay, I was very much aware it old only make things worse, so I held my temper and my tongue. I may be pulling off the whole defiant I-am-not-talking thing, but my curiosity was sky rocketing, I had to know, "what's so special about me?" "Well dearie, I'm not sure. I was just following orders." That was a lie, maybe I couldn't get the answer from his mouth, but his mind? As soon as that idea crossed my mind a word came into focus, like reading…show more content…
Now tell me, where did you hear that word?" All of my will power gone I replied, "I read it out of Dr. Heinzworth's mind." "Ah. Now you may get the answer to your question. Psychometry is the ability to wield the power of the previous holder of an object." "What does that have to do with me?" "You have harnessed that power as a speciality. You are the only one who can ever posses that power. Ever." This was news to me. The suppressant drug had just worn off yesterday, I had only knew of my abilities for two days! Was he serious? "If this power is only special to me, then why is my blood necessary?" "With your blood injected into my body, I may be able to harness your power. With that ability I will use this dagger previously used by the Governor General, with that I will have the power to overthrow the government and rule North America." A small pull came on the outskirts of my mind, "Teegan. Where are you? Ezra overheard Dr.Heinzworth and a man named Ashton talking they plan to capture you and take your blood. Stay where you are we have to leave." "Jordan, they already got to me. They want to overthrow the government using some dagger, and apparently by injecting my blood into himself Ashton can harness my
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