Descriptive Essay On Getting A Dog

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Happiness, laughter, and joy, yet tons of unexpected responsibility and hard work. Getting a new dog is a lot of commitment, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything. This process of getting a dog all started when my mom, dad, my sister Kennedy, and I felt like we should get another dog so my dog Bella could have a friend again. Unfortunately, my other dog Hannah had passed away about six months prior. We started looking at different types of dogs, trying to decide which one would fit our family best. We really enjoyed the qualities and characteristics of white golden retrievers because we have never had one before and we all liked there beautiful white coats. Then one day, we saw an announcement of a new litter of white golden retriever puppies, and set up an appointment to see the white goldens. When we got…show more content…
My sister Kennedy and I were a bit bummed out that we didn't get one of the white golden retrievers, but we knew that there was still a high possibility of getting a new puppy. A couple days later when my mom was looking in a community magazine on our brown and red couch she found another litter of regular golden retrievers in a local community magazine. All of my family members were extremely excited, and had ants in their pants; especially me. After realizing that we were all so joyous about the new litter of puppies, we went to look at the dogs the next upcoming weekend. When we pulled into the owners driveway we saw lots of grass and welcome signs, to us this was a good sign. Once we went inside and the owner greeted us she brought us to a certain room to meet the dogs. While she was telling us the information about the puppies she also told us that there was only one boy left, and we were hoping to get a

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