Early Women In Comedy In The 1950's

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Early Women of Comedy Seeing women in comedy was an unfamiliar sight until the early 1950’s. During the times before women were to be housewives, arm candy, made to do “a woman’s job” and that’s it. While men were the face of comedy. So at the turn of the century women took their opportunity to voice their opinions, break the male dominating world of comedy and make their grand entrance, and lasting appearance in the world of comedy. The pioneers of women in comedy started with women such as Phyllis Diller, who made her stand up debut in the 1950’s. Diller came out as wildly dressed housewife, constantly criticizing her husband. Ultimately paving the way for other women who decided to impede on what was to be considered a man’s world. Diller paved the way with other women comedians with her. Women such as Lucille Ball from “I Love Lucy” in 1951, the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” staring Mary Richards in 1970 and the “Carol Burnett Show” in 1967, which sometimes feature fellow comedians. The presence of women in comedy on stage has changed throughout the years. Originally women would came on stage having to talk down and ridicule themselves and act dumb just to Olley 2 get people to take them serious. Now with today’s women in…show more content…
The paved way for women to show their personality and their thoughts without having to degrade themselves in the process. Now women comics have never been more powerful. They’ve built a very powerful empire all on it’s on, not only as comedians but actress, producers, and directors. As Lynne Parker stated in her article women and comedy “Women used their comedic power to take control of the media. Inspired by their predecessors, who created the winning formula of making and producing their own comedy series, both Ellen de Generes and Roseanne Barr successfully became their own ‘brand’ and two of the richest and most famous women on television”

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