Argumentative Essay On Ps4 Vs. Xbox One

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PlayStation 4 VS Xbox One There has always been a huge debate over the past few years about what console is the best. Consumers have different views of the two and don’t really look at it in comparison type of way. There have always been fans for each console and they will almost always side with their console of choice. Many people have what they prefer in their consoles and each one may do the same but they are also very different. When it comes to which one is better it just comes down to preference and what best suits the consumer. The PlayStation 4 starts out ahead of the Xbox One with a better GPU and is able to withstand more GPU demanding games. Many people prefer the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One because of this and it is a valid reason. People buy gaming consoles to game and that’s what the PlayStation 4 exceeds at over the Xbox One. “One year ago, the PS4 price was the more tempting deal: $399 for the console and DualShock 4 controller. Xbox One was expensive at $499 for the system, Xbox One controller and Kinect” (“PS4 vs Xbox One: which is better?”). Price was also a big factor which set the Xbox One back behind the…show more content…
Microsoft didn’t just sell an Xbox One as a gaming console, they sold it as an entertainment console. The reason they cut back on the GPU and was more expensive was because it had more features than just playing games. The Xbox one was able to connect to you cable box and allow you to watch cable television from your Xbox, Microsoft made it to where you would only need to turn on your Xbox and nothing else which brought more than just gaming to a consumers home. “The Xbox One goes an extra step with its television integration” ("Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Top Consoles Compared"). It really all comes down to preference if you want the extra added features of the Xbox One or just want to game with the PlayStation

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