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For my final exam, I decided to watch the movie Cloudburst. This movie was about two older lesbian women who escaped from their nursing home because they wanted to run away to Canada to get married. En route to Canada, they picked up a young hitchhiker by the name of Prentice who was on his way to visit his dying mother. At first I didn't think this film would be interesting because the very minimum description Netflix put up about the movie. Once the movie started I began to become more interested in the plot and the direction it was going. Throughout the movie, I was able to identify three cultural aspects that were most influential to me. The first cultural aspect would be Stella's verbal language. Stella was very vulgar the entire movie. She used a lot of curse words and rarely…show more content…
After being together for 31 years, I would like to assume they have both adapted the lifestyle of homosexuals. When Dotty's granddaughter came to visit she was unsure as to why Stella and Dotty were so attached to each other. She soon realized that her grandmother has been in a relationship with a woman for years and without even noticing it. In the movie, I didn't notice any signs of racism or ageism, but there were several examples of sexual orientation. I personally believe that sexual orientation was shown throughout the entire movie. This was first shown through the idea that Stella and Dotty weren't able to get married in their hometown. Although this is a big issue in today's society it seems to be getting better as the years go by. The theory I believed that helped illustrated this example would be the intersectionality theory. This theory focuses on gender, ethnicity, social class and sexual orientation. In this movie both Stella and Dotty experience oppression because they didn't receive the privilege to be treated the way heterosexual couples

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