Dyad: A Short Story

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Julian, ah, our resident BAAAAD boy Dyad. Is he really gone? I felt like I couldn’t get enough of him. I know some people didn’t like Julian because of the consequences of his actions, but there’s no question that Simon Merrells infused that character with passion. I think @BloodyHellKaren speaks for us all, “He had swagger, a history with the twin brothers, a box with inner glow, and a mystery. Who made him a Dyad? And how did he get the amphorae? I'm betting it was the Morning Star, in return for Julian's loyalty.” We have questions that need answering! Laurel was an early new character in S2. She was intriguing because it was hard to decipher her motivations. We wondered was she good? Or, evil? And, did she sleep with Michael? I’m hoping for a return to Laurel’s character and to Mallory. @Kathy_Porter says, “She's charming, smart and enigmatic.” And, a shy responder says, “There is still a lot of story to tell in Mallory and she's their leader.” I wholeheartedly agree. We left Pete hanging around New Delphi. Well, someone has to man the place. I think many viewers were wondering if Pete would get liberated from his occupier. @Chantal wanted to see Pete…show more content…
It clearly hurt Vega to have its resident brilliant engineer killed. @timercsr says, “He's (Nic Bishop) a great actor & added another interesting dimension & possibilities to the show. Gave Alex something to think about, and helped guide/stabilize Claire. Ended any possible romantic involvement much too soon. Could use his knowledge & skill when setting up a new community, as it looks like Vega residents are going to have to do.” I believe I understood why Gates had to go. Perhaps having two triangles would be too complicated (Gates/Claire/Alex and Noma/Alex/Claire), as well as clear the way for Alex to move automatically to Noma too easily. But, I really liked Gates and Claire

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