Demonstrative Strategy Demonstration Method

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Every learner is unique; they have different emotional states, worldviews, rates and styles of learning, stages of development, and feelings of efficacy, talents, and capacities. Each learner has the right to be in a supportive and appropriate learning environment and treated and give them knowledge and with respect as well. The relationship that develops between teacher and learner is fundamental to success of learning ( In order to the learner to acquire knowledge and skills assuredly they must respect each other and be open to things that can excel to the learner. Other factors that influence learning contain emotions, context and social relationships. Schools here in Metro Manila usually used a demonstrative strategy…show more content…
It is focused to achieve psychomotor and cognitive objectives. According to OECD 2009, in the classroom, teachers in all countries put greater emphasis on ensuring that learning is well structured than on student-oriented activities which give them more autonomy. Both of these teaching practices are emphasized more than enhanced learning activities such as project work. This pattern is true in every country. Demonstrating the topic is the most effective strategy to cope up new ideas and knowledge. Enhanced activities are more often used in classes with students with higher average ability. In today’s 21st century, the government implemented the k-12 curriculum which it is added 2 years in basic education. In the added years for basic education, the Department of Education stated that it is focused on skills in order to cope up and achieved the learner’s higher order thinking skills. For the reason that it is more effective to use the demonstration method because it is a student-centered strategy with the assistance of the teacher…show more content…
It is necessarily to use their student controlled issues as opportunities to apply knowledge and skills and also giving the students an opportunity to complete their tasks independently. Regardless of whether their presentation of the task is perfect, it is important for them to show their understanding. Findings from this exploratory study suggest that using the demonstration method can increase the student’s performance and interest as well to develop their skills and knowledge and to achieve their higher order thinking skills. As Hadim and Esche, 2002 stated to their work Demonstration strategy has emerged to become an instructional approach that is gaining growing interest within the engineering education community. Duch (2002) described demonstration strategy as an instructional strategy that challenges students to “learn how to learn”, working cooperatively in groups to seek solutions to real world

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