Amazing Vine Tattoos Essay

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Amazing Vine Tattoo’s: Discover Their True Meaning! Although it is not a popular tattoo (especially on its own) you have probably seen quite a few vine tattoos around. These are images of long, twisting stems that we associate with trailing or creeping plants such as grapes, ivy, and pumpkins. These plants intertwine with other plants and structures for support to enable them to grow or, as with the pumpkin; they use their tendrils to spread out across the ground. When they are used for tattoos they often incorporate other leaves and blossoms that may or may not grow naturally on a vine – a good example of this is roses which are often seen on vines in tattoos. There are people who may choose the vine simply as an add-on to their tattoo…show more content…
People may use a vine within their tattoo design to symbolize anchoring or being connected with a certain message, group of people or ideology. Because the vine tattoo is often used together with other images or as part of a larger design it is common to see this tattoo in various places on the body, often on the arms or legs as part of a sleeve design. Singular tattoos of vines are most often seen on the ribs, lower back, wrists, ankles, and thighs while smaller designs may be concealed behind the ear or wrapped around the fingers. A noteworthy design that is becoming popular is “vine garters” for women, where trailing vines are tattooed around the upper thighs – this is a sexy, feminine and unique design. Vine tattoos are often seen with other elements such as butterflies, flowers and leaves and each of these also carry certain significance. These must be taken into account together with the vine meaning as they can change the symbolism that the wearer is trying to project. Here are a few popular choices of subjects that accompany the vine in tattoo

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