Duality In Do The Right Thing By Spike Lee

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A reoccurring theme found in the 1989 Spike Lee production “Do The Right Thing”, is the idea of “duality”. The film demonstrates the struggle that exists when two opposing realities come into contact. The friction between races, individual or group opinions and classes are what supplies the world with common debate. Though with regard to the laws of debate, anyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter what the state. Racism is an outlook which states that a group of people, coming from the same race are innately above any other. It is suggested that racism is deeply rooted within all beings, based how and where you were raised. There are several theories depicting contrast. Discrimination and hierarchy are designed aspects of life by those who hold power. They enforce favouritism and inequality in manner to preserve the authority the currently have. It is suggested by “the rising investment in education disproportionately benefits the cognitive levels at the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum” [1] This is one of the most prime fashions of not allowing the lower class to rise up and not releasing ones dominance. By continuously contributing toward education, there is no hope for those who are unable to.…show more content…
This could possibly trace back to an opinion which has no logic. Including modern day racism. This opinions still stand based on ideas specifically traditions and social influence. "Such bonds can be based on kinship, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, or social class."[2] Which then turn personal opinion into group opinion, a stronger force. Group opinion often integrate many distinctive attitudes and

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