Biglin Brothers Racing Essay

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The Biglin Brothers Racing was painted by Thomas Eakins, a celebrated post civil war American realist painter, in 1872. He created this painting while in Philadelphia during a time when rowing was popular. The painting depicts two rowers on the Schuylkill River,Philadelphia. Eakins captured the synchronized moment between the brothers, and emphasized still movement by repeating angles throughout the painting. The popularity of rowing and the details he included makes this one of his most famous paintings. (Source: Similarity: We view the two people, presumably the “Biglin Brothers” as a pair because they are dress similarly, both wearing white/blue, and are both roughly the same size. These combined makes us group them into a single entity as a single pair. Similarly, we view the people in red slightly further back in the painting as another “team” because they are all roughly the same size, shape, and color. Relative Size: A monocular clue present in this painting is relative size. This painting depicts two brothers who are rowing that are also the same size on the painting. Since they are the same size, but no lifesize we tend to assume that they are some distance from our perspective. Additionally, there…show more content…
It was painted in Arles, France in 1888. Cafe Terrace was the first painting Van Gogh ever created in which he used a starry background. The painting is a view from where Van Gogh used to paint often, at a cafe in Place du Forum which used to be the center of political and social life in Arles. Van Gogh, one of the most prolific painters of the 20th century, was notable for paintings with rough beauty, emotional truth, and bold colors. Today, visitors of Cafe Terrace can stand at the northeastern corner of the Place du Forum where Van Gogh set up his easel. (Source:

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