Male Cats Persuasive Speech

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Attention Getter: Wednesday morning around 1:30 am, my male cats showed signs of pain. I looked over him to make sure that he was not hurt anywhere. There were no signs of trauma anywhere on his body. As I examined him, I noticed something had obstructed his urinary track; a small white object was visible. Relevancy: I know that most of you never knew that cats could get kidney stones or even a blockage in the urinary track. A urinary obstruction is a blockage of the urethral outflow. Although it is more common in male cats, female cats can also have a urinary blockage. Urinary obstructions in a cat should be treated as an emergency. Without proper care your cat will die. This is a sudden onset and the cat could lose the fight of the urinary obstruction in a little as two days, without proper…show more content…
The cat may show signs of painful urination. Urine leaves the body carrying with it all the harmful toxins. A mix of the cuts and the toxins the painful urination is common. e. The cat may not be using the litter box. Your cat is trying to tell you something is wrong if they are not using the litter box. Cat are naturally clean animals, so if your cat is not using the litter box. You should get them to a veterinary. Transition: Now that I have told you a little bit about the urinary obstruction, let us talk about what a cat happens after we know there is an emergency. 2. When you get your cat to the veterinary, they will run blood work to check the kidney function to find out if there is an illness. They may also do x-rays to see the obstruction. When the obstruction is detected, the veterinary will begin to unblock the urine flow. a. First, the cat is put under general anesthesia. Anesthesia is needed to keep the cat in place while the veterinary works to remove the obstruction. b. The veterinary will then place a catheter into the urethra to force the plug into the bladder. c. The bladder is then flushed with saline thorough the catheter to remove any remaining

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