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After finishing the demonstration of three phases of psychological reactions, Victor Frankl starts the second part of the book called Logotherapy in a Nutshell. Here he describes a theory of logotherapy as a tool, a psychological method to help people discover the life meaning. Illustrating some examples of work with patients as well as his experience in the camp the author proves the efficiency of this approach. In this section of the book the writing style changes from autobiographical to presentational with detailed exhibition of psychological concepts referring to logotherapy. Victor Frankl outlines the contradiction between the approach of logotherapy and traditional psychoanalysis. As a result of the examination of the logotherapy the…show more content…
It helps you comprehend psychological notions showing a person a sample the meaning in the life. The principal idea of logotherapy is every person has his/her own life meaning which can be found only by satisfying specific needs and wants. These wants vary from one person to another and in order to discover your life meaning you need to fulfil your individual wants. Logotherapy consists of two crucial concepts: "hyper-intention" and "hyper-reflection." Both concepts refer to a similar conclusion but still have some differences between each other. The first one says that forcing something to happen will conversely make it impossible, while the second one says that excessive focus on some specific thoughts or ideas will end up with opposite outcomes. As a result of these concepts, the technique of “paradoxical intention” was based in the principle of logotherapy. This is an approach of focusing on the opposite results of ones you would like to get and preparing yourself to the unwanted outcomes. The author believes that this way of thinking will help you encounter and cope with all possible life events. The author also makes us believe in that by illustrating some quotations from different books and confirming us that it’s not only his ideas but also other

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