Drunk Driving Persuasive Speech

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Every two minutes someone is injured by a drunk driver and on-average people will be involved in two drunk driving accidents in their lifetime. Drunk driving is undoubtable one of the leading killers of teenage and early-adulthood aged people. It not only puts the driver at risk, but other people on the road. Although some drunk driving may go undetected by other vehicles, many times it does not. We have put together a program to try and put an end to drunk driving, at least on our college campus. Twenty percent of college students have admitted to driving drunk, while forty percent of students have said they have rode with a drunk driver. A staggering half of all students have admitted to driving after drinking any amount of alcohol. These numbers are far too high. They are placing their young lives in danger, along with every person they…show more content…
She was killed instantly after a drunk driver drove excessively over the speed limit and ran over the center line. If this story isn’t tragic enough we can look to the recent events at Oklahoma State University. Adacia Chambers drove drunk into a crowd of unsuspecting people at their annual homecoming parade. She took the lives of four innocent people and left much more injured, and all of the campus terrified. It is such events like these that make us take a deeper look into the horrors of driving while drunk. Together, my group and I, have come up with a program to help eliminated drunk driving on our college campus. Our plan of action is called Students Against Drunk Driving or S.A.D.D. This would be a free of charge taxi-like system for UCO students. Much like Uber and Lyft the students would download an app to their smartphones and send us their location for a student officer or volunteer to pick them up and take them to their destination. We believe this would be incredible beneficial to our campus and to the lives of the

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