Amorres Perros: 'Love Is A Bitch'

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Amores Perros Amorres Perros is such a realistic film, although it is not based on real events. The audience sees the starkly reality of Mexico City; they see three lives change radically as an automobile accident connects these three lives. Amores Perros, translating into English “Love is a Bitch,” was released in 2000 by director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu. Amores Perros is based on Mexican reality of its insecurity in its streets and the paranoia of its inhabitants. We, the audience are submerged in a stressful and conflictive atmosphere. Amores Perros is a social criticism that focuses on the cruelties of life crossing the lives of its characters. Amores Perros shows a complicated idea of realism. The story follows the lives of three…show more content…
Octavio has his dog Cofi laying in the back seat bloody, close to death while he is desperately trying to evade el Jarocho because Cofi killed Jarocho’s dog in a dog fight. Finally, the pursuit ends with Octavio passing a red light and crashing into another car. A flashback takes us back to in Octavio’s life. Octavio is a high-school dropout so his way to produce money is from his dog; he enters him in different dog fights around the city. He lives in an urban environment at his mother’s house with his brother Ramiro and Ramiro’s girlfriend who have a baby. Both Susana and Octavio have the desire is to get out of their misery and to progress in society. Susana loves Ramiro, but is unfaithful to him as she not only sleeps with Octavio but they also develop a close relationship as they trust each other with their secrets. Octavio falls in love with Susana and his only way of proving to her that he can be the man of a household is to profit from Cofi’s fights, which brought an immense amount of violence to the film. He hopes to become wealthy enough to live a better life, but everything goes down the drain as Susana flees with Ramiro taking all his money that was won by Cofi. Octavio completely betrayed. Octavio is left with very little money and sees himself struggling because he entered his dog Cofi in one final fight against el Jarocho’s dog. As stated before Cofi took the win and Jarocho could not accept it, consequently, shot Cofi, so Octavio struggles to take his bleeding dog out to his car but before that he stabbed el Jarocho as revenge. All this drama initiated the chaotic car chase. As shown by Octavio, sometimes in order to be financially stable one may have to step outside the law. This is also shown by Ramiro as he works at a supermarket but is also an armed robber, ultimately his crimes get him killed. Living in

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