Pac And Seal Case Study

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I have come to expect a high degree of quality and reliability from Pac and Seal. In fact, I was very pleased with the first 25,000 bags from Pac and Seal manufactured for my drink, True Green. They were of excellent quality and further solidified my trust in your company, especially after doing business with other packaging firms that failed to deliver quality packaging and services. It was therefore surprising as well as distressing when the second production of bags was found to be substandard. The poor quality of the bags resulted in the majority of them leaking, which in turn, caused a number of major problems for my company and me. I would like to briefly describe some of those problems so that you are fully aware of how the leakage issue greatly impacted…show more content…
This gentleman is a true professional and someone concerned about providing superior customer service. On the other hand, I was greatly disappointed in the poor response of Pac and Seal’s Quality Manager, Mr. Tom Pomp. He showed a deep lack of concern for my situation, and failed to make his deadline for shipping replacement bags. Several weeks ago Mr. Pomp promised he would ship me eight cases of reconditioned bags in two weeks. It never happened! Even to this day! He never gave me a direct answer or explanation as to why he couldn’t ship the replacement bags. Mr. Vay got the same response. Mr. Pomp’s inability to follow through on his promise further exacerbated the dilemma I faced. Please understand, Mr. Grant, I am not a fortune 500 company with unlimited resources and capital. I am a minority woman and business owner whose resources and capital are more than adequate. However, problems preventing shipments for long periods of time are beyond the capacity of my company – or any company – serving retail operations that are dependent on rapid turnover for profit and

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