Dramatic Texting And Driving Analysis

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“In 2011, at least 23% of auto collisions involved cell phones, which is 1.3 million crashes,” according to textinganddrivingsafety.com. In the Dramatic Texting and Driving PSA, a group of teenagers are driving in a car and the driver receives a text message and begins to send one back. She doesn’t realize she has swerved into oncoming traffic and a car is headed right towards her. Both cars stop moving and the drivers get out of their cars and have a conversation about what is about to happen. They get back into their vehicles and then the cars collide. Two news stations in Augusta, Georgia WBJF New Station Channel 6 and TMGAugusta, partnered together to create the Dramatic Texting and Driving PSA, with the intention of addressing automobile accidents due to texting and driving. The two news station are successful in promoting this message rhetorically by its usage of dialogue, music, and a still shot.…show more content…
They empower you to take immediate action and tend to deal with current problems. They try to change the public’s attitude and behavior towards the social issue. It tends to appeal more to the heart and less to the mind. The PSA has a single message to convey that is very clear. This PSA deals with texting and driving, which is a significant issue we are faced with today. The author uses a storyline that defiantly has an emotional appeal. It also persuades the audience to have the writer’s attitude towards the topic. The writer does convey the purpose of this PSA

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