Dpi Vs Dsi Research Paper

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MDI vs DPI The two most common inhaler types are metered dose inhalers and dry powder inhalers. Metered dose inhalers are pressured canisters containing medicine and propellant. Dry powder inhalers don’t contain propellant, but instead just powdered medicine you inhale. Although metered dose inhalers may be the top choice for many, dry powdered inhalers and simpler to use. Both inhalers do quite well as far as administering the drug and are one of the top choices for respiratory care at home. Metered dose inhalers are the most common drug administration methods for home care in many asthmatic patients. They are fairly easy to use and can be administered within about twenty seconds. They are most commonly prescribed to patients with asthma. An mdi is capable of delivering many different types of medication, but the most common is albuterol. Mdis are very effective is administered correctly. Although metered dose inhalers have many great aspects, there are also a lot of bad aspects. One major disadvantage to a mdi is that there is no counter to show the number of does left of the drug. Another disadvantage is most people use the mdi improperly and most of the medication is wasted. Mdi’s have been under a lot of scrutiny lately because of the CFCs they contain so…show more content…
A mdi can be used with a spacer to help decrease the amount of impaction that occurs during administration. A chamber can also be used to help with patients who cant administer properly. For example as they say, “This device has several advantages over using an MDI without a spacer/chamber. You no longer have to be as precise in coordinating activation of the spray from the canister while inhaling. You can first spray the medication into the chamber and then concentrate on inhaling the medication slowly.” There are many way to increase the effectiveness of a

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