Case Study: Harbour City Dim Sum House Inc.

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If you want a quaint ambiance with a traditional Chinese dim sum dining experience then Harbour City or any of their other flagship brands is the one for you! Harbour City Dim sum House Co., Inc. also known as HCDHCI first pioneered the dim sum cuisine in its home market of Cebu in 1969. From then on their branches have multiplied with 17 in Cebu, 3 in other areas of the Visayas, and 3 in popular cities in Mindanao making it a total of 23 branches. HCDHCI is the fastest growing brand of dim sum restaurants in Metro Cebu with many flagship brands also known as Ding Qua Qua Dim sum House, and Dim sum Break restaurants. Three branches tied together by one name! The company aims to open more locations in major cities around the country as it expands nation wide, but are the branches now currently maintaining or improving the restaurant to the customers satisfaction is the real question. As years have gone by, Harbour City has faced issues resulting in their poor service, cleanliness, and limited space. Poor customer service is one of the leading reasons why customers leave a restaurant with no intentions of returning, but with Harbour…show more content…
Small restaurants can have a difficult time fitting many people inside, especially with how packed Harbour City is currently. It’s not only tight for the customers but also for the servers and other employees. The big idea of Harbour City is that the food is going to be wheeled in by servers straight to customers’ table-sides for convenient and fast selection but due to the small amount of space it is becoming more difficult for servers to get around quickly to customers. The trollies have to wait until they have enough room to go to their desired place, which in return causes many customers to wait a long period of time for their dishes. I would recommend setting up the restaurant in a bigger commercial

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