Double Meaning Of 'The Word Plum' By Chasin

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“The Word Plum” by Chasin is a delicious poem. This poem can make a reader feel things at a level beyond eating a plum. The author’s use of alliteration is very well thought out. It is very interesting that someone could write about fruit in such a powerful way. Readers often try to look into other meanings about what has been written. “The word plum” by Chasin is one of these poems. It could definitely have a double meaning. The author states “taut skin pierced, bitten, provoked into juice and tart flesh” (Chasin, 1938, line 6). It brings forward a lot of visual images. If the author is truly writing about eating and enjoying a plum, the way it is described makes a reader believe it is the most indescribable plum to ever be eaten. The author

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