Dorian Gray Faulty

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According to Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, art is described as being “quiet useless” and although some believe art to be very purposeful, art is very useless due to the fact that it is a mere catalyst and contains no thought or expression. According to some, art is extremely useful and important to our lives. Art, they claim, is a form of expression of the inner thoughts and has the potential to change all our hearts. That is not true. People will say that the fact that “Dorian Gray had been poisoned by a book…” (Wilde 142) depicts that he has changed. His actions portray a character change, so why else could he have changed but through this book Lord Henry gave him? This is a hasty generalization. There is no proof that…show more content…
Art does not spark a change in any person or anything, no matter how much people believe they do. Someone will claim that since Wilde uses, “It was a poisonous book.” (Wilde 122) in his novel that this idea is faulty. The fact that the book had been called “poisonous” does not make it influential. It is merely “poisonous” due to the fact that Dorian took its material and applied it in a negative manner. He had no obligation to take the material to heart and apply it, yet he decided to. Had he not, the book would not be falsely classified as “influential”. In reality, it is not the book that changes him; it was his own reactions to the book’s content that changed him. By this simple difference the influence is taken of the book and it can be seen as a catalyst that could later develop a change in the future. The creator of a work of art also does not put anything of himself into the art. Spectators often infer this because it is our emotions and feelings that drive us to create the art, but the art itself does not hold any of that. All art is said to be truthful and of the artist “It held the secret of his life, and told his story. It had taught him to love his own beauty. Would it teach him to loath his own soul? Would he ever look at it again?” (Wilde 90). In reference to the painting in The Picture of Dorian Gray, the painting is said to symbolize Dorian’s decaying soul on the
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