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With the way that she has imprinted on every music lovers' life, Whitney Houston will forever be indelible on the music industry, even after her untimely demise on the early months of 2015. It is undeniable that Houston's magical vocal calisthenics and the glorious way that she have jumped from one genre to the next makes her one relevant artist to have changed the way we see music. From a humble dream of just singing on a small stage, Whitney Houston had dominated the female vocal league through songs that shouts of human feelings, ballads that have been soundtracks of normal people, songs that almost everyone can dance upon and the unforgettable way that she has dealt with her accumulated fame. Houston has topped so many charts, won numerous awards and have been praised and mocked by almost every music critic who have ever walked the Earth, but everyone knows that by the end of each day, her amazing talent to entertain and deliver is impeccable and that no one have been born with the same passion and talent that she had possessed. Whitney Houston has been a frequent name in the US Billboard Hot 100 and during the span of her entire career, the iconic diva managed to put out a total of 11 tracks to go straight at the zenith of the weekly lists.…show more content…
The heartfelt lyrics, the usual tagging of the song to the then-infamous Hollywood superstar Kevin Costner and the vocal calisthenics displayed by the late artist have made it easy to stay on top for a whopping 14 weeks in the glorious year of 1992. Truthfully, this Whitney Houston classic has been revived and covered by a copious number of artists and yet, only the original singer can do such justice to this well-written prose. Equally iconic, the upbeat song ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ is one of the many testaments of Whitney Houston's vocal versatility which made this track a two-week holder as the Number 1 song in

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