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Political Correctness, The First Amendment and the U.S. Presidency, does an outspoken, tell it like it is candidate have a chance? Born to the son of immigrants in 1946, Donald Trump spent his formative years learning the real estate business from his father. He attended Fordham University before transferring to the University of Pennsylvania and graduating with a B.S.. Donald then set about creating what is arguably one of the largest real estate empires in modern history. Mr. Trump has been married 3 times and has 4 very successful children. Donald Trump would make a magnificent President because of his tell it like it is style. His proven negotiation abilities, his incredible business success and his impeccable dress and style would…show more content…
He acquired the land for $62 million, far less than the $150 million bid by the others, with no money of his involved. Through his negotiations he was able to secure his long term return by making the seller responsible for all revenue lost as a result of build time and cost overruns. As our world becomes ever smaller, being able to come out on the winning side of international negotiations will be imperative. @ Mr. Trump is known for outmaneuvering those that try to stand in his way. In 1981 he bought 2 separate buildings in New York with a plan of tearing them both down and building one new building. When the tenants of one building, the rent controlled 100 south Park Ave, went to court to stop him, he simply found a way around them. He remodeled both building to look like one single structure. During which time he had to temporarily relocate the tenants for safety reasons of course, effectively removing them legally from the structure, then forced them to prove their rent control income qualifications to move back in, most couldn't and over 30% of the prior tenants ended up buying apartments in the new building. The importance of maintaining our social programs for those that

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