Photography In The Civil War Essay

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Have you ever considered what technological advances will be made in the next decade? Does it ever strike you that there’s nothing left to grow on? During the Civil War, they probably thought that too but technology advancement became huge in the Civil War. For the first time photographs showed the horrors of war. The railroads became a big part, transporting men to and from the battlefield at an expedient rate. To only have them be met by the powerful new weapons that created more horror. Technology including the first photographs of war, railroads, and the invention of the Gatling Gun not only impacted the Civil War immensely but arguable could have changed war forever. Photography in the Civil War made a huge impact on the people during…show more content…
The cameras were very bulky and not easy to maneuver. They also had to have a dark room in a cramped wagon (“Photography and the Civil War”). Because of how unmovable the equipment was, some photographers like Alexander Gardner, staged some photos of corpses. He would move bodies to places more convenient to him. Gardner and Matthew Brady were among some of the most famous photographers of the Civil War. They were photographers for the Union. The South did not have very many pictures-- not because they were inferior but because they did not want to be reminded of their failure, therefore, they destroyed everything. For Brady, he was ahead of his time; he was bright and innovative. His work brought him much fame and fortune (Ken, “Civil War Technology…”). Not only did pictures make a difference but other technology like railroads did as well. Railroad systems were very important during the Civil War. They were used for transportation of many things although, between the Union and the Confederacy, they were very different. The Civil War was the first war in which railroads were a major factor. There were 22,000 miles of track in the North but only 9,500 miles in the South. The dependency of the tracks was huge (“Railroads of the

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