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Most high school students are looking for money. Students usually look for part-time jobs, chores around the house to do, or even do work around the neighborhood. Students would like to do something they are interested in, but they have to live with what they can get. Most students are also most likely trying to keep their grades up. The pressure from parents to keep your grades, keep your job, and try to get a good amount of sleep is hard, but somehow getting a check is such a good feeling. Dog walking is not as easy as it sounds. You would have to walk many dogs. The more dogs you walk, the more money you get. Dog walkers can make 25 to 35 dollars a walk and 200,000 dollars a year. You have to have a fairly open schedule. Their is a lot of…show more content…
You have to care for each and every one even if you do not know each one personally. You need to care for the dogs with not only love, but physically care for the dog. You have to clean up after the dogs, walk each group of dogs strategically so the dogs do not fight with each other, know each dogs need because not every dog needs the same thing. You also have to keep yourself safe. You have to keep yourself physically and mentally okay. You can not be sad and not happy while walking dogs. When the dog walker is sad, the dogs are sad. Dog walking would suit me because I am in love with dogs. Dogs have a way of cheering me up. Every little thing they do makes me so happy. They could do some as simple as sleep or look at you and I melting of cuteness and happiness. I am also okay with cleaning up after them and dealing with the struggle of having multiple dogs at once. A disadvantage is that I am terrible at dealing with stress. The word stress itself gives me stress. I could learn to deal with the stress. I could overcome something big with just something as little as walking dogs. Also, the thought of being surrounded by dogs makes me very

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