Comparing The War Gods And Ahayuda

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During an auction at Sotheby's, war gods or Ahayuda made by the Zuni Indian tribe came up for auction from the Andy Warhol estate. Warhol died 20 years ago, on Feb. 22, 1987 and a year later, a collection of his art and other objects was being auctioned off. To the Zuni tribe they have a value far greater than money. They are carved by priests and placed in secret shrines on the reservation; the wooden figures are not considered art. They remind me somewhat of a totem pole. To the Zuni people, Ahayuda are living deities who, when disturbed, have the power to upset the world's balance. The war gods, carved by Zuni priests and left to deteriorate in the elements at secret shrine sites across the reservation, are believed to be living deities

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