Dodges Compare And Contrast

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Advertisements have been around many years ago. They help sell products by manipulating and persuading individuals to purchase them. Most famous companies benefit from ads to create a good feeling about their products or brands. By using these advertisements, famous companies are able to sell their products like cars. For example, Dodges have been sold since 1900 with the help of advertisements. Since then, it has been one of the most famous brands of car with the help of advertisements. The first ad presented in this ad comparison was published in 1936 in “The Daily Notes from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania” on page 5. 73 years later, 2009 Dodge Challenger appears on television and in print advertisements. Both ads are presented in color to advertise about their beauty. Although both ads promote the Dodge brand in different time frames, they decipher the difference in our cultures over the decades.…show more content…
For example, one of the main similarities is that the ads try to persuade the public to believe that the Dodge car is comfortable, affordable, and with class. They try to make the public feel good about the cars. Both ads present a means of evolution in technology, although the second is more developed evidently due to the fact that it was made 73 years later. The colored advertisements mean that technology was more advanced and also the society. Another similarity between the ads in our culture over the years is that advertisers tend to use certain people to get the audience attention. For example, in the first ad, the ad shows a little girl. By this, the audience can tell that the advertisers used the girl to persuade parents into buying this car since kids will be comfortable, safe, and at the same time will enjoy the

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