The Great Gatsby Analysis Essay

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1. Some of Nick’s advantages include coming from a family that is pretty well off and being an educated man, exclusively a graduate from Yale University. Nick does reserve judgment in the novel on some occasions, yet he does comes off as being extremely critical when describing parties and characters. 2. Nick is a man from a influential family in Chicago. He attended Yale University, and later fought in World War I. He now lives in the West Egg to work in the bond business. He tends to reserve judgment and is typically a spectator of the events that occur around him. I believe Nick will be an unreliable character as he describes events and characters based on his own perspective. Nick describes himself as reserving judgment, but adds that…show more content…
Nick describes Tom Buchanan as a man around thirty years old possessing a powerful body, arrogant eyes, straw hair, and a pompous attitude. Nick’s tone of his description of Tom reveals that Nick feels a sense of irritability and aversion towards Tom due to his domineering attitude. 4. Jordan Baker is Daisy’s friend, who happens to be a professional golfer. F. Scott Fitzgerald utilizes the image of a cadet to describe Jordan. Jordan seems to always be balancing something atop her head and possesses masculine beauty in the eyes of Nick. The description of Jordan means that she appears to be snobby, boyish, and self-seeking, depicting the emergence of the 1920s independent woman. 5. Nick reacts to Jordan with the need to apologize for being in her presence. Jordan awakes a sense of uneasiness inside of Nick, making him feel subordinate to her. Nick finds Jordan’s independence attractive, as well as her boyish characteristics. 6. Gatsby is reaching out his arms at a green light across the bay while trembling. Gatsby seems to have some emotional connection to the light and some hope for the future. 7. The ambiguity in Nick’s initial descriptions of Gatsby is that he sees Gatsby from a distance as he watches him reach for the green light. His description is just an observation, thus making it vague and

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