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Danielle Mullins October 6, 2015 201503 English A213 803 80100 The Themes of The Doctors' Plague All books have a theme and many times a book can have several themes. In The Doctors' Plague by Sherwin B. Nuland there are many themes, but there are a few things that are significant and reoccuring throughout the story. Publishing your works/findings, the advancement of medical knowledge and contamination from doctors. These three points played a huge role in the book and even played a role in history. If noone publised their findings we would spend more time in issues that already have a solution or not even have any extra information on certain diseses etc. Semmelweis would not publish his findings even though friends like Skoda pushed him to do it. Semmelweis…show more content…
Throughout the story they would make some new discoveries about the disease and in some cases would build off that new information. Having the pthological anatomy, it allowed the doctors to learn what the disease does to the tissues and organs. The doctors also learned to treat a specific spot verses just a generalized treatment. The docotors were working towards a common goal of finding out what this really is and finding a solution. If there were no strides to finding this out then they wouldnt have made any changes and puerperal fever wold have been around for much longer. The determination to learn more about this disease and topush the envelope help open a school to do furter studies, it changed th views in the medical world, and it also saved more lives. This theme was meaningful to me because without any advancement our medical field will just be like how it was back then. It helped shape the way the treatment was done, how doctors and nurses handled themselves, as well as how the workplace was taken care

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