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The novel Contagion was written about a suspicious nosocomial infectious outbreak in a hospital in New York by Dr. Robert Brian "Robin" Cook. Robin is 74 years old today, living in Queens, New York as a physician. Many people know him for using medical themes to write his thrilling books. The co-writer to Contagion is the 31-year-old Jason Gehlert, also living in New York, writing crime and sci-fi novels. The novel is a thrilling mystery with a focus on pathology and forensic pathology with hints of ophthalmology. With the combination of Robin Cook’s writing styles, there is a pleasant mix of science and thrill. The novel begins with two life-changing events for the main character, Jack Stapleton. His wife and two children die in a plane accident, as well as a new health care system takes forces him to lose his job. Jack takes a new job as a forensic pathologist after moving to New York. While in New York, Jack…show more content…
For instance, fluorescein antibodies (which recognizes proteins and can indicate change in pH to check for viruses and immune changes) is referenced on page 91: “’Well, two victims came in to us during the night,’ Laurie said, ‘One is for sure plague, or at least presumptive since the hospital did its own fluorescein antibody and it was positive.’” Also, page 49 references pathology: “Plague comes in two clinical forms, bubonic and pneumonic. Your husband seems to have had the pneumonic form, which happens to be the more contagious. I would advise you to go to your doctor and inform him of your potential exposure. I’m sure he’ll want you to take some precautionary antibiotics.” Finally, on page 105: “Jack moved the liver and the spleen aside and showed Laurie the cut surface of the lung… His lungs definitely had more consolidation. This looks more like some sort of horribly aggressive TB

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