Effects Of Assimilation On Native American Culture

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America wanted everyone to be the same so they came up with a plan that was called assimilation. Assimilation is the ability to change one’s cultures or ways to fit another’s culture or society. Citizens of the United States was fearful of the new immigrants and the way they held unto their culture. They feared that the new generation would rid them of their white society. Americans began to inspire assimilation in every way. The public schools and jobs only spoke one language and that was English. Many of the European stores only sold American products. Because of this, the immigrants had to make changes to their lifestyles. Assimilation changed the Indians population in America. It stripped the native culture to make them like mainstream America. Humanitarian were people who thought that the only way to deal with Native American was assimilation. European-Americans considered Native Americans as savages and thought they should be humanized. The citizens of America fought with them to get the riches from the land and because of wars and diseases many died. Those that were still in America were made to dress like the “appropriate” culture and they had to cut their hair. Many of the Native American children were taken from their parents and sent off to boarding schools. They were educated to be independent…show more content…
The government wanted them to become farmers and landowners. In 1887 the Dawes Severalty Act called for the elimination of ownership of land and gave it to individual owners by the Homestead law. The Homestead Act gave individuals 160 acres of land if they paid a $10 fee and agreed to live on it for 5 years and make improvements. Because of this Homestead Act, 86 Million acres of land was lost to the so-called savages. They were forced to live on reservation that was deprived of many means. Everything the Indians once owned was taken away from

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