Diversity In 'Beauty And The Beast'

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For this diversity assignment I decided to do a personal reflection on the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast. This film has many undercover diversity issues that many of us did not appreciate or even notice as we watched it in our younger years. The first diversity issue I found while watching this film was the way the Prince denied shelter to the beggar woman in the beginning. As far as we knew, she was a homeless, maybe ill, woman who was nicely asking for some food and shelter. The Prince was disgusted with her presence and sent her away refusing to do any good for her. Before he had the chance to shut the door, the woman revealed her true identity of being a rather beautiful enchantress. The Prince automatically begins offering her help now that he sees how “well put together”…show more content…
Many times discrimination is based on someone’s physical appearance and how they come off to somebody before they even begin speaking. In Beauty and the Beast, Gaston, the upper-class “popular” man of the town, convinces everyone to help him attack the Beast. Little does everyone know, Gaston is way more of a beast then the Beast could ever be. This situation is no different then the way a popular kid in school will have everyone pick on the younger, more quiet, or even disabled student for being “weird” or different. In reality, these bullies are using the temporary power to make themselves stronger for the moment. What I find is that when people do things like this it is more so for the comfort that they need for feeling unwanted or not getting what they want. In the film it is just that that Gaston is doing. He is angry with the idea of Belle, the woman that he loves and wants to marry, wanting to save the Beast from any harm. So in order to break his feelings down and overcome the embarrassment of Belle not wanting him, Gaston feels the need to physically overpower and harm the

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