Being An Immigrant: Personal Narrative Analysis

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Being an immigrant not only allows a person to submerge themselves into a different country, but also to an unknown culture. With different cultures come different languages or dialects, meaning that the immigrant will need to adapt and become literate to become part of the country, or at least to feel somewhat comfortable in it. These journeys tend to vary and can sometimes be quite difficult. Certain individuals like to describe this journey as a resemblance to a child learning how to read and speak. The only difference being is that the immigrant will remember the whole literacy process. I have personally experienced this lengthy process and I remember every step of it and how much I hated it for a period of three months. My literacy sponsors…show more content…
Buchalter who was so pleased with my progress that she gave me homework. Now that I think back on this situation, I remember Ms. Buchalter repeating the word homework and her asking me if I did not mind having some. Not being fluent in the language yet, I did not know what the word homework meant so I just nodded and said yes. Once I got home and I realized what I had agreed to do, it hit me that I really needed to learn this language thoroughly or else I would be completely lost the first day of…show more content…
I remember before leaving my home country telling her that there was no way that I could learn a completely new language in three months. She admitted that it was going to be a hard task, but she was confident that I could accomplish it. Throughout these three months, she only talked to me in English. In the beginning, I felt confused most of the time due to the fact that I could not understand what she would ask me. Thankfully, my mother is very patient so she would repeat the sentence until I understood its meaning. At night, my mother would help me memorize English vocabulary words in an unfamiliar fashion. She would take words and break them down into “oral” pieces. Breaking down these “oral pieces” allowed her to relate familiar sounding French words or French roots to the meaning of the word. Although it sounds somewhat complicated, it helped me remember the definition of numerous English vocabulary

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